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Hotmocs™ are not ordinary cold weather gear. HotMocs patented heating accessories are designed to keep you warm in the most severe cold, where other heating accessories and battery-powered units fail. The secret is HotMocs™ strategically placed heat pockets, which allow the user to insert thermal heat packs that stay warm for hours. The pockets are placed in locations that serve as natural “thermostats:” working with your body to increase blood flow and increase body temperature.

Hotmocs™ heated beanies, heated balaclavas, heated scarfs, heated neck gaiters, and heated boot covers are designed to be worn with heat packs or without, keeping you warm and comfortable for hours on end in the toughest and most variable conditions.  Where them for work, hunting, camping, fishing, winter sports, or any other outdoor activities that demand serious, sustained protection from the coldest weather.


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    What makes HotMocs different from our competitors? Outstanding construction, value, and superior warmth in the face of the coldest conditions.

  • Thank You HotMocs!

    While we have happy and warm HotMocs friends across the country, it isn't often that we have someone take the time to provide such technical feedback. We just had to share some of Steve's "testing" of how well our products work. He went above and beyond and we are proud to have made a difference in someone’s experience.

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